1. General

The Caseking Valorant Party is a tournament competition in cooperation between TARGET Esports Entertainment and Caseking. The competition refers to a bracket of 64 Teams per weekly cup and a final tournament with 16 teams that gained the most points out of the weekly cups.

The competition is not and will not be supported by Riot Games in any way.

  1. Before joining the competition

Every team/player that has a legal Valorant account and is located in Europe can join the competition. The teams have to ensure that there is an ongoing communication between them and the administrators. You can use the TARGET Esports Entertainment Discord Server for this. (

  1. Matches

To participate in the Caseking Valorant Party you have to be a team that counts 5 players with 2 more replacement players. Every match will be generated automatically by FaceIT itself, even the after match report is done by FaceIT itself. The normal setting for the weekly cup is every game played in BO1. In the finals the setting will change to BO3.

The mappool includes the maps:

  • Haven
  • Bind
  • Split
  • Ascent

To choose the map that will be played in a competition game, the team captains have to ban a map till there is just one left.

The team that is located on the right side in the matchroom has the choice to pick the first side (attacker/defender) they want to play.

The teams have to finish the complete rounds that are needed for getting a meaningful result. Teams that leave the server to early intentionally will be disqualified.

In case of a crashed game server the team captains have to contact the tournament support via discord.

  1. Cheating and unsportsmenlike behaviour

Using software, hardware or any other ways to manipulate the game (bugusing) or results is not tolerated and will result in a permanent ban from all related tournaments of TARGET Esports Entertainment.

Unsportsmenlike behaviour is not tolerated and will result in a first and final warning. If the behaviour continues you can be permanently banned from all related tournaments of TARGET Esports Entertainment.

  1. Streaming

Streaming and broadcasting the games is highly appreciated by the organizer. Streamers have to ensure that they activated a streaming delay at a minimum of 90 seconds. Dont forget to link your twitch/youtube/ account that we can use it via social media.

ATTENTION: Streamsniping is handled like cheating. Players that are reported for streamsniping will be checked and can be banned for cheating!

6.Prizepool and Finals

Every weekly cup is supported by Caseking with different prizes each week. The participants for the Finals will be invited by the organizer. Winning a cup does not guarentee a spot in the finals!